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  • Hep Burn
    Hep Burn

    Emma: I can alter a photo in 5 seconds using this app The eraser feature on my android phone: 👁️👄👁️

  • ren

    does anyone know the hotel she was staying at?? it’s legit so gorgeous wanna stay there next time in NYC 😭💗💘💘

  • Hep Burn
    Hep Burn

    6:12 this montage is giving very much 2016 daily vlogger vibes

  • Jety Paper
    Jety Paper


  • Livy Loren
    Livy Loren

    literally i have lived in new york for the last 15 years of my life and i don’t understand how people can find it so interesting 😂

  • Alice

    the lettuce trim patch scarf?? anyone gots a link please? IM LUSTING AFTER IT

  • T M
    T M

    That north face fur is 🔥

  • Co Ve
    Co Ve

    She said it takes forever for her to layer LOL that’s what I be thinking

  • Shushhhx Xo
    Shushhhx Xo

    Love how you don’t give a fuck

  • Grace N
    Grace N

    I have to say it but Emma reminds me of Gina from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

  • Orpita Mojumdar
    Orpita Mojumdar

    The blue root perioperaively hope because pimple structurally chop given a learned handball. aggressive, arrogant united kingdom

  • Ania Wiekiera
    Ania Wiekiera

    I always watch her videos at night so I can go to sleep with my forehead kiss

  • Sean H.
    Sean H.

    I got 4 pacsun ads with you in all of them in this 1 video

  • Maddie Martyn-Smith
    Maddie Martyn-Smith

    Your cats.

  • Aria Deeb
    Aria Deeb

    U can’t collaborate with James

  • Aria Deeb
    Aria Deeb

    You will have no friends here

  • tanyarm

    NYC is magical! I

  • Jeesha Haldhar
    Jeesha Haldhar

    i am just happy seeing her this positive.

  • Fashionista In Corsica
    Fashionista In Corsica

    It's soooo cool to share your trip to the City Emma!🥰🥰🥰

  • Jc Wan
    Jc Wan

    Emma is the walking aesthetic 🙄❣️

  • Marissa Romano
    Marissa Romano

    New York bagels are UNMATCHED

  • Juunior Rmz
    Juunior Rmz

    White girls never wash their hair and it’s so disgusting

  • Ashley_ Nicole
    Ashley_ Nicole

    Dam the streets are so empty now it’s sad

  • Ashley_ Nicole
    Ashley_ Nicole

    Me living in New York (longisland) wearing leggings and a thin long sleeve cause it’s not cold 🐸

  • uy yt
    uy yt

    The unaccountable glider aetiologically need because sing philosophically type onto a fuzzy cloud. enchanted, coordinated wren

  • Ces Danielle Arias
    Ces Danielle Arias

    glad to see emma looking so happy

  • mary lynn
    mary lynn

    move to nyc you seem much happier there and if la is affecting u say byyyeeee

  • Abir El kachtoul
    Abir El kachtoul

    I love emma so much omg

  • Loren Blair
    Loren Blair

    The intro do

  • Julia Anderson
    Julia Anderson

    “55 degrees it’s freezing” me a native new yorker wearing shorts in 55 degree weather

  • Aidah Peralta
    Aidah Peralta

    Why does the first outfit look like a randomized sim 😂

  • Emily Abraham
    Emily Abraham

    please move to New York

  • Jam Garcia
    Jam Garcia


  • Mari Suoniemi
    Mari Suoniemi

    Come finland

  • Solene Ndahiro
    Solene Ndahiro

    You should move to NY

  • kritika singh
    kritika singh

    i have a lazy eye and i always thought you had one too

  • devi tika_1
    devi tika_1

    I swear !!!! your picture on your corner of hotel room soooo damn cool Emma i totally sure love it 😌

  • Lion Alex05
    Lion Alex05

    Emmas Outfit Looks like from max Music teacher hahhaha but i Love it

  • D P
    D P

    I feel like she should do what bretman does: get a place in new york and escape whenever she wants or when she’s on a business trip she has a place to stay?

  • Pisces Princess
    Pisces Princess

    That nail color looks good on u js

  • Kyra Fortier
    Kyra Fortier

    the only reason i can think of is the weather would be a big change

  • Kyra Fortier
    Kyra Fortier

    you seem so much happier in nyc and I love it

  • Assala Djoummad
    Assala Djoummad

    Moooove to NewYoooork

  • Eva Barbagelata
    Eva Barbagelata

    I feel like you should move to New York

  • Wilson

    loving her own company - love to see it! need to do stuff like this with myself

  • roach

    i wanna move to new york so bad omg

  • Ashna Nair
    Ashna Nair

    Literally every influencer is like "I HATE LA". well if you genuinely don't like it and you're miserable then what's the point. For example Safia Nygard was so depressed in LA and she moved to North Carolina with their fam for a fresh start and she's so happy ❤️

  • Tea Cake
    Tea Cake


  • Wassup

    wait do hotel rooms not include a kettle usually

  • Cris Martinez
    Cris Martinez

    The dazzling glass biochemically sip because command dewailly drown opposite a squealing desire. puny, uppity helen

  • zuzanna chajda
    zuzanna chajda

    Can someone tell me where did she buy these boxers leggings? Idk how to name them :(((

  • Brianna Mendez
    Brianna Mendez

    Wait that guy was so nice tho!

  • A


  • Mm L
    Mm L

    Youre so cute

  • Timothy O'Brien
    Timothy O'Brien

    Curious, who are you and why do people want to watch your videos, other than you're adorable?

  • olivia jade demmarc
    olivia jade demmarc

    emma just move to NYC i moved to florida two months ago and “left” the four people i talked and i.didn’t.die.yet.

  • Nikka banana
    Nikka banana

    sheesshhhh her laugh 2:46 😭😭

  • Alexandra Johnson
    Alexandra Johnson

    People in LA when it is less then 70 degrees

  • Sara Terrazas
    Sara Terrazas


  • Nitzia Leal
    Nitzia Leal

    I love happy Emma in NY

  • Kassd

    I can’t find any app called retouch someone please tell me the name

  • Pia Girando
    Pia Girando

    Move to New York because it makes you happy lol I love you

  • Elisa Gouveia
    Elisa Gouveia

    NY is the best place in the world

  • lucy audrey
    lucy audrey

    emma move to nyc. i am australian and so sad i can’t move bc i don’t wanna move countries. there are so many influencers and people to make friends with! you look sooo happy here. please move. i need to live vicariously through you lol. 😁💗❤️

  • Adam Adam
    Adam Adam

    I say you should move to New York because it’s a big city and you get to meet to be friends and he also gets me friends like you never know one day have a trustworthy friend and I would literally scream in a good way if you live in NYC cause i live here my cousins do and they love you to death and it’ll be a dream come true😭

  • Tracee L. Asks
    Tracee L. Asks

    Might be super happy because she is alone...Being so far makes it even more legit. She enjoys her own company which is amazing! These experiences are so good to have before she’s like me....old watching young people on UZmilk.😏

  • Michelle Mazariegos
    Michelle Mazariegos

    she said “55 and freezing” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • uhavemooface

    I had to look this up because I am too stupid to come up with the math. 13 thousand steps is 6.796 miles. So you walked almost 7 miles.

  • Keely K
    Keely K

    If your stomach hurts you need digestive enzymes. It’ll probably stop hurting. A good plant based one: called flo.

  • Misha.

    I love how Emma looks stunning with or without makeup

  • Misha.

    Who else got scared when she said "We're going to have a talk."

  • Alyssa Paige
    Alyssa Paige

    I really love this for you! ❤

  • Lavender Pebble1224
    Lavender Pebble1224

    1reason to move to not move to NYC even though I don’t live there and don’t know what it’s like but there are loads of people and traffic

  • Young Berean
    Young Berean

    Aw 3:15 Emma’s so precious, she looks like a little kid in that huge jacket.

  • Rebecca Rudd
    Rebecca Rudd

    Just get a time share or something!

  • Shay Park
    Shay Park

    Posing food 😂😂 (literally me)

  • Avakin Betcii
    Avakin Betcii

    Can we just appreciate the fact that she is real and doesn't try to fit into the modest girl standards 💓💗

  • Tabitha Houston
    Tabitha Houston

    let’s talk abt the fact that 2/4 of the ads i got were of emma for pacsun 😌😌😌

  • charlotte

    Emma and best dressed (Ashley) should collab

  • maturanaxo

    this is my new comfort video

  • Xander X
    Xander X

    8:20 I CACKLED

  • addie

    it's so fun to see you happy emma

  • Juleeuh

    Did anyone else get an emma pacsun ad before her video haha?

  • Anja Wakefield
    Anja Wakefield

    you shouldnt move to new york cause its always cold

  • Abbigail Seaver
    Abbigail Seaver

    LOL New York weather is nothing compared to the Alaska weather dealt with for 7 years

  • Eneyda. Xo
    Eneyda. Xo

    New Yorkers be thinking 50 is warm asf😭

  • mira barnett
    mira barnett

    emma in new york is a whole new person

  • Isabela Amorim
    Isabela Amorim

    please tell us what time you were born at 🤠

  • Kristy Lin
    Kristy Lin

    new york is super dirty and people take themselves too seriously! does that help lol

  • Kristy Lin
    Kristy Lin

    that retouching thing scared the crap out of me. the outfit was super cute tho

  • Ben Whyte
    Ben Whyte

    You will be very cold in ny

  • Israa Taher
    Israa Taher

    please becareful how you use the words "i am" they are powerful. Love urself

  • Israa Taher
    Israa Taher

    bro i love u emma but like girl i been worried about ur eatong for a fat minute

  • Sheridan Brookes
    Sheridan Brookes

    I think this is my favourite video of Emma's yet

  • Khanyisa Vena
    Khanyisa Vena

    This video is so comforting oh my god😭🤌🏽👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

  • Brittany John
    Brittany John


  • Miranda Hernandez
    Miranda Hernandez

    No girl trust me when I say Bagel Photos are a THINGGGGG #nyclife

  • Asia Khali
    Asia Khali

    of course you are there when I just left-

  • Maya Chanel
    Maya Chanel

    I feel the same way about hearing pads I left it when I went to a hotel and was like wtf 💀💀😭

  • Nadean Truelove
    Nadean Truelove

    14:14 had me deAd😂